She looked at him and bit her lip. He saw her lip, with her front teeth nibbling it in, what was she thinking?

kiss       She blinked, swiped away her strand of hair that fell across her left eye, bit her lip again as she does when  she is expecting something but unsure of what. He saw her swipe her hair, her rusty brown hair with some specks of grays. He looked into her eyes and made up his mind and asked her.

     “How do you like to be kissed?”

     She smiled, let out a soft quick laugh and bit her lip again, throwing back her hair and then taking his hand.

“Like this…”

     Across from the great bridge of Manhattan there is Brooklyn. There is a promenade that overlooks the great Island, the great buildings seem like plastic toys set up on a table. Lego pieces with windows radiating light making it seem that something is always happening – but its all a secret. Shhh. On the promenade walks Amanda and Ricky. Its their first time alone all night having just come from a party at a mutual friends apartment. They had met on the terrace just above this promenade and had sat together speaking for three hours.

     Amanda had just graduated Brooklyn College and Ricky was four years removed from his final year in organized education, having dropped out as a sophomore. He was working at a jewelry store in Bay Ridge while also getting his real estate license. His bank account said one thousand on a good day – today was not a good day and it whispered 26.53. He had another 7 dollars and 32 cents in his pocket and figured he could buy a cup of coffee for her.

     Amanda was close to her father and chose to live with him rather than her mother. Her three brothers stayed with her while