They stood up.
The adults told them to sit down and be quiet.
They stood up and gathered around the world and had their voices heard.
They chanted and they sang; they held up signs and they spoke.
“Never again.”
“I could be next.”
“No more guns.”
I admire this generation even if it has been forced upon them by the failings of their elders. Yes, we are all to blame for this. We elected or we didn’t vote, we ignored or we spoke too soft, we cried but we did not wail, we watched on TV but did not raise our voices.
The children have risen up because which adult dares to speak?
Or to quote the future of America, Ms. Emma Gonzales “Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job.”
Which leader has taken on that job?
Which leader dares to counter attack the evil in our midst.
The tools of the trade must be made much less accessible – begin by enacting laws to make it harder to be able to purchase a gun.
Enact laws to put on trial the sellers of these gun which lead to murders.
Ask the questions – did you follow the protocol while selling the gun or did you just check the boxes to make the sale? Put into place laws that will make it difficult for anyone to purchase a gun.
Should someone sell guns illegally sentence them to a harsh jail sentence. Should someone die or be injured by this gun – they should be held as an accomplice.
Guns are never going away and other weapons can be easily produced. But we need to begin somewhere and as a nation we must send the message to the ones who peddle weapons illegally or even legally – restrictions and consequences will follow.
Stand up adults.
Stand up and fight against gun violence.
Stand up and say “Never again.”
Look at your children standing up and begging to live in a safer world and be inspired instead of trying to cut them down by using rationalizations and numbers showing other causes of killing.
Start somewhere…”fight for your children’s lives – it should not be their job.”