We once ran up the streets together, baseball gloves and bats in hand. We used to walk together singing the same songs, reading the same books and even loving the same women. 

We once were like brothers – I can feel your embrace and remember our conversations late into the night. I trusted you implicitly and naively it turns out. 

Time brings unwanted responses to questions we never thought would be asked. 
Time exposes the selfish, the fears and the posers – you dont need no proctologist to see just how full of shit some people are. 

I miss you brother and the times we spent in front of the radio or the television.  I miss you when we used to stand on stage together and it was always you and me against the world. 

I once pointed fingers now I take responsibility.  I left the store, I left to search for more meaning in foreign lands with no shelter and no friends. I wanted to come home if only for the food and the shelter…

I miss you brother and the times we once spent together…chasing rainbows and exalting false heroes who always turned out to be all too human…its hard to accept the fact that we are all simply human. 

I always thought we would be sitting on the park bench watching people and time pass by, old friends from the old school. 

But life robs us of our hopes and dreams – the MRI’s show there are no blockages or dead ends – just viruses that causes people to be self consumed, a parasitic worm that takes away empathy. 

I’ve been too long on this platform, waiting for a train that will never come; its been over 20 years since I last walked with you – its been several lifetimes that have passed me by. I walk alone these days, a man in full with a heart that has been healed but is forever scarred. 

The clocks keep on moving forward, you can’t ever go back home again. To the evenings when the crowd began to stomp their feet and the lights went down low. When the captain and the kid danced in the ring one last time for the world to see. 

The old man is gone and the old days are past us now – we move on and we move forward. 

But I still miss you old friend. 

Remember the night by the river, those two girls from Spain who taught us how to dance and how to drink red sangria? I caught up with one of them recently and she confirmed the fact that it actually happened. As I get older I tend to question my memories as to their legitimacy – I was happy to see her and said goodbye with a tear or two. Where has it all gone?

So I ask you my friend, where did you go and why did you run? Was it the life we lived that made you feel that you no longer could go on? Was I a burden to heavy for you to share? Was it the gold in the sky that you wanted all for yourself? Was it Eve who talked you into listening to the snake which ended our walk in the park?

It’s all over now – it truly doesn’t matter – too much pain and time has flowed – like an open vein under the warm water that once bathed us – it’s all over now.

I hope you find happiness and your love continues to grow and your walls expand in your home.

Me? I walk with my loves and I will continue trying to find my way without any train in sight. There are always God’s surprises in store for us all.

Here’s to that rainbow, here’s to our youth, here’s to the women we once loved and here’s to the long summers we shared. I drink to you and where we have been – even if there is hardly any proof that we existed then and there. I drink to you, I drink to me.