That feeling you get when you realize that anything is possible. You pulled rabbits out of your hat and sliced assistants in half, magic… Watch the doves fly away as your hat in salutation.

A lonely walk backstage but you know it’s a short walk back home.

You once felt so limited discounted dreams for realities you could not accept but could not remember if you were supposed to start praying for a salvation that you didn’t think existed.

The old man told me over and over that anything is possible and I always laughed.

My mom always believes in me and I took it as love.

Finally I have found that I believe and I now believe that I can fly, I can soar and I can be me. What else do I need?

Oh it’s a feeling of jubilation, a parade of heroes within your inner self. The different people you have been all your life come out and greet the ones who always believed and always gave unconditionally. There are no ghosts, only different versions of the world floating about. Listen to them, learn from them and embrace them. They will lead you on your journey and will never leave your side.

God is within and across everything and everywhere we touch and see. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and you will see.

Through the fog, through the rain and through the gloominess cast across the land, I see images of myself from the past. Younger, stronger and filled with ignorant confidence…

I loved, I judged and I hated too easily. Who was I back then to cast the first stone?

In this midnight hour, the moon is nowhere to be found and the street lamps have grown dim. I find myself lost in my own home town with no familiar surrounds.Which way to home? Which way to you?

Which way to home? Which way to you?

I run down familiar streets searching for a sense of comfort but they always seem to be dead ends.

Strange cold breezes, dead ends and dried up lagoons, where we once swam in the summer and made love in the sand…I can still feel your breath, still taste you on my lips…

Which way to home?

Counter feelings on the battle fields, fighting hand in hand warfare. Blood in the grass and death at my feet. Dreams, desires, hopes and lovers… Last grasp for the chance to live again… To be reborn…

If love is an army and life it’s arena, why is death so easily embraced?

Jubilation within the jubilee, celebrations of another sunrise, a new day…a life born to parents who are wandering through the empty streets. Street corners, deserted, save for the singular whores or the junkies sleeping in cardboard boxes…

Moment in Time (waiting)

A lonely walk onto the stage, scattered applause and idle talk amongst the spectators in this theater. It’s just across the street from the lagoon that has dried up and left memories in the sand where we once stood, sat and slept … Together.

We wait for the time to come, any moment now, for our time to come. Fire on the rocks a shot of water on the side. You can feel the flames going down..

Any moment now.

Any moment now.

A bird sails high above us as we walk through this vacated parking lot adjacent to a long abandoned church .. Faithful ghosts who once knelt on pews asking for guidance have turned to stone waiting…

Bus stop down the road, soldier waiting for a ride home, he’s been there for years or so it seems… Turned to stone waiting..

Any moment now.

Any moment now.

Plane flying up above pushing through the clouds, it’s heading for a place called “anywhere but here…

The passengers have been dreaming of this escape for lifetimes.. Turned to stone dreaming.

Turned to stone dreaming.

Any moment in time can be measured on scales using love and joy.

Any moment in time can be measured by memories and scars upon our skin.

Waiting for the revelation to enlighten the ones waiting for, waiting for salvation.

Any moment now..

Any moment now…