Who gathers the tears, that have fallen? Who counts the times the loved ones have cried? Who measures the suffering felt by the ones left behind?

We hear about terrorist attacks and the innocent lives that are stolen. We read about them and their lives and how their families valued each one of them. But what happens after the headlines are replaced, the words no longer written to honor the ones taken away?

Where does the family go to cry?

Who counts the tears that fall from their eyes, in the dark, in the light?

For the past month or so I have been posting victims terror. At the end of each mini obituary it states who the dead have left behind. There are some who have left their children, there are some who left behind the spouse, there are some who left behind siblings and there are some who left behind parents.

After the headlines, after the stories and after the letters stop coming, who dries the tears of the ones left behind?

How do the ones left behind live the rest of their lives? Do they lay awake at night wondering what they could have done differently to have protected them? Or do they stare into the dark hoping for a glimpse, a shadow or even a ghost of the ones they have lost. Just one more time for your eyes to feast and to feel the love that was stolen away out of hatred.

The faces of the stolen are forever etched within the minds, within the hearts and within the souls of the ones left behind. Confusion and an inability to comprehend what kind of evil can inspire such cold-hearted actions.

But where do the tears fall? Do they fall on the ground to simply dry up and to be forgotten?

Where do the ones who cry run when the tears just cannot stop from welling up within their souls, into their hearts, into their minds out through their eyes and then onto the ground, left to be absorbed into the dirt, forgotten.

The existence of God is questioned yet the faith of His existence is what keeps us alive. We know that it’s men that are evil.  We know it is ideological hatred and rejection that is instilled into the infants minds and hearts from before their birth. Those are the seeds that grow into the trees and the fruits that will cause explosions to maximize human death and pain.

There are no excuses, no reasons, no strands of sanity in living a life obsessed with the death of your perceived enemies, rather than infusing a sense of love and value into the life of your children, to want them to strive to live in a world where peace and acceptance are not a struggle to achieve.

I have been told that It begins with the children. But It must begin within the adults who truly reject the ideology of hatred.

Love does not need to be in the equation when talking about the ones you have been taught to hate. Love needs to be in the equation when thinking about the world you want your loved ones to live within.

Instill in them acceptance, instill in them the value of one life and how much it affects the world.

We must be the ones who catch the tears, we must be the ones who gather the pain and suffering and drown them with love and understanding.