He once played piano, she once danced ballet.
He once painted a masterpiece and she once sang on stage.

With dreams of gentle tomorrow’s, filled with happiness and no more sorrow. Something happened on the road to paradise.

She once road horses, he once wrote stories, she once scaled mountains, he once sailed the open seas.

With hopes of a fantasy life where love and dreams are always true. Something happened on the road to paradise.

Dark platform, waiting for that train. To bring us once again to a better world, where no words are needed to be explained.

Where the sun and moon know their places and the rivers and oceans are never tamed. Where the animals run freely and love is never insane.

She once dreamed of white picket fences, he once read stories of magic and lifelong romances.

Life isn’t always one emotion, life has so many commotions, do not walk gently into the river, always jump soundly into the ocean and belly flop into the pool. 


Even as you stand waiting in the station, when the rain is falling and the wind is blowing to extremes, you can sense the rhythm rising inside of you as the train arrives in a crazy loud punk rockish scream. It’s the music that keeps our hearts pounding no matter where we have been.  

A Broadway orchestra, a script written for the singers and dancers to perform. The actors to act and the artists to design the places where the story is set. The dreamers feel warm and the castaways are shattered and torn. Shattered and torn.

It’s all about the lyrics, the music and the voices.
The verses, the bridges and the choruses.
It begins, the buildup, slowly or quickly, building up to that climax, to that hook that causes you to want to hear more, again and again – then an explosion… Leads to a peaceful silence, a dance and an embrace. 

Even though the majority of your life is spent in a self imposed isolation – love is the key and love seems to always answer the questions of how, what and why. Love, love, love and the opening chords to Your Song. 

When the moon casts its light down upon the dark streets, a shadow follows it’s lead. You will see that the shadow is always following you, just like Cat’s song – following you throughout your journey. Like a God or a parent supervising your journey from afar.

It’s all about love, this life we live – it’s all about love. Where forever is fleeting and paradise has many meanings. Love is never lost, it’s just tucked away somewhere – in a draw or in a cabinet.

An old photograph, song or an aroma can bring back a sense of love, desire or romance to an empty deserted road once filled with laughter and inspired thousands of tales. It’s now littered with knocked down homes, abandoned vehicles, stray dogs, alley cats and squirrels who wander the streets in search of crumbs or what may have fallen on the ground…

The ground we once walked upon and truly felt was a paradise; just up the stairs and a left into my room – where poetry was read, candles lit and love was made. We watched the record spinning and the needle gently caressing the vinyl; the sounds that came from that touch was magical. Magical voices, pulsating, the sound of the bass and the  – magically bring a sense of oneness to millions of souls.