There was a sunrise and then just as quickly a sunset.
You know the song…

Time goes way too quickly and youth vanishes overnight.

It’s not the grays or the aches, it’s not the weight or the reading glasses, no those things don’t cause us to pause. It’s that feeling inside that something is gone and it’s never coming back again.

Children play by the slides and on the swings; some choose to sit aside and watch the events unfold.

Grown ups stand side and declare themselves independent and watch as others fly away, sail or ride.

We never had the questions to search for those answers.

We never had any idea that time once passed can never be gained again.

Like a horse running wild, through the grassy valleys and across the streams.

Like the wind blowing, waking us and causing us to forget our dreams.

We never knew which answers to find when the questions were thrust at us as the roads unwind.

We were lost but determined to find our way on our own, no questioning the strangers that we would see.

We thought we knew the way, we thought it was simply around that tree..

The tree of life… Where childhood is a blizzard of things to do and learn, how to act and who to be.

Adulthood is simply an obstacle course and jumping and diving is never taught.

Those sunrises and those sunsets that simply appeared…
You know the song…