When the glass has been shattered and the balloon has been popped.
When the train is in full speed and can never be stopped.
Fold your hands, close your eyes.

When the bottle is empty and the fridge is too. Your stomach makes sounds you just are not used to.
Fold your hands, then open then towards the sky, close your eyes.

I feel like I’m blindfolded and walking on glass. All of my hopes will never come to pass. So I close my eyes and I whisper the words…

Once I was Cratus, then I was Poseidon, I’ve lost feeling in my words and I seem lost for answers. 

I remember the days when fortune was simply a smile away, when the paper was green and the sky was blue.
When the music played, the girls smiled and the years were still so few.

These days I look at my reflection through a cracked mirror yet I can still see my smile…
I look around me and I cannot count my reasons for gratitude enough.

Sometimes the shards on the floor can prick, sometimes the blood is too thick and other times, well, I guess I’ll finish the rhyme, the years pass on by so quick.

Like an early December evening, the sun sets too soon and the darkness swallows up the tune and I forget the words to your song, is that even possible?

So I close my eyes and I whisper that the Lord is my God and the Lord is One. It’s what keeps me sane, it’s what keeps the warmth around the empty flame. I may not seem like it, but I am full of faith.

I know, I know, it’s going to get better. 

The broken pieces will turn into a beautiful mosaic, the answers will come and my faith will be redeemed.