History repeats itself as if that history never existed.

Judgments made out of fear, self appointed judges inciting witchhunts, with torches, ropes and sermons.

It’s a world saturated with artificial reasons for fear and for needing to be accepted.

She is not like me and I am not like her, because he believes in this and I believe in that.

What a backwards way of living.
Judge, condemn, repeat only causes tsunamis of death and fear.

The age old question of, “why can’t we simply accept each other as we are?” Is constantly rebuked and mocked… Repeat.

Gay, straight, black, white, Jew, Muslim, Christian, man, woman, whatever one identifies as, why should it be other people’s concern?

(If I left off anyone or any specific verbiage it is not intentional, these were just the ones that came to mind)

“That which is hateful to you, do not do to another”
Right? That basically means, don’t do anything to someone else that you would not want done to you or your loved ones.

So why do we continue to do just that?
To posture in front of the mirror or the cameras and to give off a facade of strength, when the facade is used to cover up fear and perhaps a desire to be just what you are condemning?

Don’t you know that hatred is a sign of weakness and love is only found through strength?

Enough pontificating here, just needed to let it out.

Enough political correctness where no correctness needs to be found.

Enough of this conversion therapy being used on anyone who does not fit into what the hangman envisions each person to be.

Flaunt your true selves and do the right thing by respecting others.

Do not be so quick to judge others if what they are doing is not abusive or forced upon.

It’s not a simple task “acceptance.” Other people’s way of living can be infuriating and abhorrent to another person.
But who are we to judge?

Or follow the words of Hillel,
“That which is hateful to you, do not do to another”