Swirling waters, never ending views of bays and Sundays. Pictures and postcards, memories of what seems like yesterday. Raindrops and false predictions of snow storms, hot chocolate and street lamps across the way. Beneath the ground a group of gentlemen are playing bluegrass while tourists snap pictures and drop coins into a hat.

Swirling clouds, never ending views of giant buildings and lonely days. Photographs from another lifetime circulate on the front page while snowflakes descend from nowhere and float all around.

Pass me my glasses, I’ll have a cup of coffee make it light, reading about an old miracle as spring makes its way towards home. A slow train making its way, visitors from another place and time on board. Coming home.

A basket, a case of identity theft or was it an errant pass, from the past? Reminder to live and breathe, look around and remember that sometimes life is simply black and white. Was he him? Was she her? Did they lie or was it a simple error in judgment, a quake, a shake of the truth causing errors all across the cities? I am… Is that not enough?
I was, yet that wasn’t enough.
A Patsy for trust, a photograph and a bed frame in rust. Colors sweeping across the floor like stars soaring across the sky. Is it just a delayed reaction to a force of nature or a simple contraction?
All I know was that it hurt, it still hurts and it’ll probably hurt when I’m covered in dirt.
When the daiseys push up the past and the rocks are left by a guest. Do the ghosts still wander round while the gates are locked and there’s no one around?
A fly ball to the outfield, one out to go, you let your arms drop and the ball fell to the ground. You should have caught it, you should have caught it, instead you let it fall.
You let it fall

No words to post here, been lost in this maze of emotional corruption.
No more false giants masquerading and posing as false gods.
No more stray dogs feeding off of my dreams at night.
No more songs being wasted on deaf ears, no more suspended emotional responses.
No more false rhymes to express some inner emotional turmoil that has lost its way.
No more black roses and no more tears falling over false smiles, false adoration, false bridges to nowhere.
No more lies.
No more nightmares, just fantasies coming true in bright colors.
No more hatred and racism, disguised as false patriotism.
No more barriers without doors.
No more leaders standing on bully pulpits entrancing people into following unison by division.
No more
No more…