Every time the snow falls memories of my father are everywhere. We used to always love when it snowed and I miss him. I hope you enjoy this. I can sense your love some mornings, when the sun has just walked into the room and the blessed aroma of fresh coffee fills the house. But where has it gone? All of the faith. All of the light. All of those smiles and all of the warmth.

pix_120201913125472This morning the pipes are frozen and the snow is coming down hard. We can use your smile right about now and your look telling us not to worry. But where does it all go? That energy, that faith that was built over a full century? I can say it’s true, that the torch has been passed and that your core is within the gods that you prayed for. They all carry that torch, with their smile and their white souled love. Could you have believed it? That you would achieve all of it, in bc 1956 as you walked the shore wondering what the future held for you? All of that faith. All of that light. All of those smiles and all of the warmth. Ten million smiles… All of your life, it will never go away from the hearts of all you have touched. We miss you.