Being a salesman for too long can break even the strongest of souls. Like a baseball player you can strikeout the majority of the time – but if you get that big hit – it can make a star out of a flash of light. But even stars fade away and the flashes of light come too far and in between. You find urself with the water color painted smile across your face doing and saying what you need to do and say to break the ice and for the chance to once again – set ablaze the sky with the radiance of a star.
Unless you are blessed with whatever special power some people are blessed with, there will come a time when all you’ll be talking about will be those days of cigars and celebrations. That day comes quick boy, boy does it come quick.
Strange tales of time flying pass you like the unnamed citys as you urself fly. Over the cities, countries and bodies of water. Life is fleeting – is the end the end? Or will we wake up only to find ourselves, once again as children aching for love and affection?