May 24, 2011

            Tonight as I turned on my television I was touched by the power of the people of Joplin, Missouri.

There was a father who was missing his two daughters and could not get in touch with them for hours. He finally heard from them – when he asked if they were home they told him, “There is no more home, it’s all gone.” With a sense of gratitude and a strong sense of what is important in this world he broke down and cried. Not tears of sadness, or anger or resentment. No, these were tears of joy because his two daughters were safe.

“Dad the house is gone…”

“The house we can rebuild…” with that his voice trailed off.

There was a High School graduation – Will Norton was driving home with his father after graduating – suddenly the tornado literally sucked him out of the car. He was still missing as of tonight.  As his aunt spoke she said, “Do not give up hope, we should all pray.”

A sixteen month old Skyular Logson – missing…

A sixteen-year-old Lantz Hare – missing…

Amazing people. Nature has taken away at least 124 people, 1500 people are missing, and homes and businesses are destroyed. Everything they worked for, their own homes, clothing, family heirlooms passed down from generation – suddenly lost. What are they doing? Picking up piece-by-piece, starting one at a time and knowing that God would guide her.

The human spirit…even though nature has destroyed homes and lives – the faith in a Higher Power keeps them going.

Its that faith, that innate sense that there is a higher power in control in this utter chaos of life and of this world – that keeps the human spirit alive and kicking.

We don’t know why these things happen and we have a right to question that same higher power. But never let yourself lose that spirit within your heart and soul that is lit by the flame of faith and love.