1977 really was a shitty summer – Son of Sam (not me), Blackout, Tom Seaver and Dave Kingman were traded, it was hot very hot, Danielle took my gum and ran away ignoring my expressions of undying love, Carlos went to an overnight and ignored me the next day, Groucho laughed last on the 19th of August that year and Zero Mostel said goodbye in September – I fell in love several times, a day and saw my daddy cry for the first time in my life when my grandmother passed. On lighter notes – Emmanuel Chriqui, Sara Michelle geller and Carlos Beltran were born – Sadat and Begin shook hands and Meatloaf came out like a bat out of hell. Bee Gees and disco tried to take over and almost succeeded. Billy Joel sang “only the good die young” while Donna Summer said “I feel love.”