Publication Date: September 11, 2012

When I was growing up I used to lay down on my bed and listen to music either on a record player or on the radio. When I would hear a song it would always take me on a journey to another time and place – narrated by the music and the lyrics. I always imagined what had happened to have inspired the characters in songs to be in the position they were in and also what happened once the needle moved on to the next song, leaving unfinished business behind.
I have always been Inspired by songs – poetry set to tunes have always been a impetus to my daydreaming and set a rhythm to my heartbeat and moods.Within the list of short stories I have written for this project, Harry Chapin has inspired me more than any other songwriter. It could be because of his characters always being multidimensional, downtrodden and beaten but never defeated by the world in which they lived in.