Lips are moving, no one is around. Avalanches of reality fall upon you, virtual reality but painful all the same.
Lips are moving, no one around.
Youth, vitality, time all wasted so many years ago.
Can you remember that flag we unfurled and then waved around the world?
Brothers, Sisters, music was playing and the guests were staying, swaying and saying the first words to come to them. Buildings fell, relationships ended and the world was never the same.
Some see love as a prayer to be recited over and over – while others simply appreciate it and accept it as a give. my lips are shaking…
Can it be that l love to love too much while others simply are happy with a kiss?
Love is a prayer – straight from my heart to your lips – don’t turn away…
Lips still move, no one around.

Wind is blowing, the answers still lost, can you read the writing on the wall?
Times for reading, times for talking, times are rolling on.
Can you see my lips moving but not making a sound?
Don’t take love for granted, don’t waste it away. Have a dance in the courtyard, tell them what you want to say.
I love you, I love you now don’t turn away.
These lips are moving can you put your lips against mine?
Put your arms around me and gather me home…
These lips are moving towards the heavens above.
Love is the answer and God is the one.
We stand tall and abuse all our power – then we move our lips to say the words for forgiveness for what we have done. Lips are moving, ain’t no one around that you can visually see.
Hands are shaking, hold them.
Tears are falling, taste them.
Lips are quivering, kiss them.
Lips are praying from the heart.
Heal them, heal them.