Rosh Hashana – I am not one to act differently or kiss up so I can get what I want. I have not gotten into many clubs in my life because I could not see myself kissing up and begging the doormen to let me in, please!

I can sell the shit out of anything and always make sure that both parties are satisfied with the product and the price.

I have a mouth and I have integrity. I will say the truth when prompted – I have learned to (mostly) keep my mouth shut when its called for; but mostly when I see something that is wrong I will call it out.

Black is black and white is white – gray areas are loopholes and rationalizations. My least favorite saying is, “It is what it is, you cant change that.” What a defeatist attitude; what a copout, what a darkened gray area.

So these 10 days when we should be “being the best we can be” I feel are, hypocritical. We are given 365 and sometimes 366 days of the year to “Be the best we can be.” With each passing second (there are 31536000 seconds in a non-leap year) we have a chance to redeem ourselves; to become better people.

Do you think God watching us actually falls for the hypocritical apologies and empty promises? I like to think He never gives up hope that we will one day be better people – one day actually look outside of our own problems and try to make this world a better place for everyone to live.

Do you think that the prayers we recite over and over again that most of us not knowing why or what we are saying actually make God like us or care about us more? The omnipotent God doesn’t need us or our prayers. He asks us to treat others how you would want to be treated. Even though you may think you are “Winning” right now – if you are hurting one person, taking one morsel of food off the plate of another person for your own greed – then no matter how much charity or promises you thrust up into the heavens – it will come right back at you like spitting in the wind.

So starting right this second – focus on making this world a better place for each and every person you meet, that you know, you hear about that could use a smile, a friend or a hug. Stop trying to control this world – no one has ever stopped the earth from spinning and no one ever will. Trust people to make the right decisions – if they fail they will be hurt, so be there for them without judgement.

Treat each person as you want to be treated – White, Black, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Chinese, American, Mexican, etc. We are all created in the image of God.

Someone once said, “Be the change you want to see in this world.” That’s a good start. But I would say, “Teach by example the change that is needed in this world.”

Happy New Year to all – May we always have celebrations to share and unlimited health, happiness, love, laughter, dreams that are fulfilled and wealth in every area of our lives.