“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
― Marilyn Monroealarm-clock-390x285

Wake up! As I walk along the streets with familiar names within a numerical order – I dream of streets with no names and unpredictable sights and sounds. I look across the way and see walking in a trance-like comatose boys and girls – they do not react reflexively, they don’t react at all  – they walk the same streets and follow the same roles, reciting the same lines and acting according to the rehearsed blocking. Stand here when you say this, walk two steps towards stage left and then upstage when you address your onstage lover.

They live life according to the notes laid out as within a concerto – never deviating from the musical notes written. They follow the conductor who directs them and tells them when to go high, when to go low and when to die down.

Wake up! I shout but the sound only echoes within. We all fall prey to the traps of the rote response of living. We do not allow our reflexes to kick in, they are suppressed, we respond to life, love, happy, sad, angry, calm and acceptance as we have been taught, told and commanded to. We walk through the streets, see flowers, express how lovely but never really ingest it.

We thank God for our blessings but never really sit back in wonder and appreciate all we have.

We give thanks for food and comment on the taste – yet never savor the tastes in our mouth, on our tongue. We dont even chew it down sometimes – rushing through meals as if late for a meeting.

We dance too fast, those who dare to dance.
We sing songs unlike Dylan – always in the same tune, same words.
We walk too fast and marvel at the sights yet never see the colors or hear the sounds.

Wake up, I scream aloud…stop living in a fog…I stand up and cheer for time to slow down but its me who is doing the running. When you take things for granted you never truly have them at all. Time is taken for granted and it passes so quickly because it is being ignored, neglected and subjected to unrealistic goals. We race through life too scared to slow down for fear we might find ourselves lost and afraid.

Feel…Hmmm…hear…listen and taste. Take a deep breath, savor the food, savor the time and love your loved ones.

You watch specific movies or listen to specific music because you are conditioned to believe they are what you want to hear, want to see. Have you ever truly dissected a scene in a sitcom? Have you ever truly watched the actors, the props, the surroundings and the backdrop? Press pause and take it in. Listen to the dialog – just because the laugh track is running does not mean you should laugh.

Shake up! Wake up. Clear your mind – be who you are not who society shapes, shaves and feels comfortable with you being.

Walk as you walk, talk as you talk – feel each step you take, ponder each word you will speak and listen to responses. We seem to hear tones and words based on what we anticipated rather then the actual tones and words.

We hear the sermons and nod at the preacher – we listen to the orators and let them decide for us – what is good and what is evil.

Why, why, why are we unsure about our individuality?

This is for certain, as far as we know. Each human being is unique physically and mentally. No two people possess the same wants, needs, loves and dislikes as another. It is impossible – the road always splits off somewhere between the high and the low end of the radio dial.

In simpler terms…enjoy your life, stop running, be yourself and appreciate every bit of beauty you have been given.