Brenda walked up the stairs and tried to keep quiet. She could hear her Aunt and Uncle giggling in the other room and she was kind of grossed out. Although there was something kind of romantic about their relationship. So many years and they still played cat and mouse. She opened the door to her room and the door made a slight squeaking noise. Thankfully it was not heard by anyone. She sat down on her bed and lay there all clothed. Her mind was in a tornado as her thoughts and feelings where in a whirl.


“Strange how he still gets me…” Her mind raced to Palm Springs and her husband…Daisy, Mrs. Ackerman and Principle Goldberg…were they all happy? Did they ever think or fantasize about, well, climbing out the bathroom window and leaving their world behind for a fresh start?

She looked at the walls and noticed the Wham poster alongside Duran Duran. How she had such a crush on them. First George Michael and then Duran Duran especially Simon…Her phone began to vibrate.

Her husband.

“Hi honey, hows it going over there?”

“Going well, I spoke a little today and tomorrow is the big day. I wish you were here, you know?” He sounded sad.
“I wish you were here…” She meant it – he wouldve been her excuse to steer away from Eddie.
“How about we go away together and bring along all the kids?”
“That sounds great!” It did – especially right now when the void within needed some love, some warmth and some new memories.
They spoke for a while describing each others evenings; each one holding back to downplay the rush and excitement they each felt. They said goodbye with a kiss and I love you.

She walked down the stairs to get a glass of water and felt her phone vibrating in her hand. She walked into the kitchen and answered.

“Did I wake you?” It was Eddie.
“No, not at all I was just getting a glass of water.”
“I just wanted to apologize if I seemed a bit distant but it was the way you kissed me that shook me up Bren. How many years later and I am back to feeling like a stupid schoolboy. Its as if nothing has happened in the past 20 years. ”
“Eddie I am married now.”
“I know – thats why I am calling to apologize…as much as you still have a hold on me I feel I need to somehow run away from you. I dont think we should see each other tomorrow…”
“I understand…but that second when I kissed you impulsively…it stirred something inside of me. A million scenes of ‘what might have beens’ swirled in my mind…I am sorry…”
“Good night.”
“Good night”

“AHHHHH!” She thought to herself. This is a crazy stupid spot I put myself in! Damn it I climbed out the bathroom window for a reason!!!!”

She shook her head and knew right then and there what she needed to do.

The next morning mercifully came and she sat in the kitchen drinking percolated coffee.

“You guys were kind of having fun last night.”
“Its not proper to-Oh what the hell. Yes we did – I told you – break up to make up.”

Daisy pulled up outside and honked as she had hundreds of times before. Brenda jumped in and Daisy had the GoGo’s playing on her radio.

“You sure you want to do this?”

Brenda smiled and nodded, “Yes.”