The news of the atrocities coming out of Gaza are slow and just fall short of a whisper.
The children used as shields, their parents helpless or brainwashed that dying for “The Cause” is a way that they “Wish their children could die.”

Children are hung outside of windows from buildings housing Hamas “leaders” Hamas Cowards to try and deter the Israeli army from destroying their hideaway. 


Hash tags are posted, signs are made and chants are screamed – “Free Gaza – Boycott Israel!” 

I agree with them – Boycott Israel and free it from the focus of the haters of this world. 

Free Israel – Boycott Israel. 

Free Israel from the shackles of hatred, jealousy and false accusations.
Free Israel from the destructive hatred taught in schools, in homes, in places of worship. 
Free Israel from the riotous evil righteous who proclaim their beliefs as if portraying love. 
A religion of love? A living being takes a human, forces him to say things that are clearly not his true beliefs and then as the cameras are rolling – takes a knife and decapitates him. Religion of love?


There are no words to describe the atrocities being carried out by the Islamic world. 

Let us not fall into the Jewish Liberal Apologists Society’s bullshit here. 

Boycott Israel – PLEASE! 

Leave us alone!

Dont buy our products, use our technology or enjoy our art. 

Boycott Jews – PLEASE!

Do not bring your sick child to a Jewish hospital or a Jewish Doctor. Do not use any medication, vaccines or Jewish medical technology to save a life. 

Boycott Israel.

Leave us alone – this world is big enough for all of us. You go your way and we will go ours. 

Boycott Israel – PLEASE!

And Israel will not be the first country sending their own troops and equipment to your land when you are struck by a disaster, man made or by nature. Israel was there for New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina, and first response aid in the wake of the 2004 tsunami, Earthquakes in Haiti, Japan and Kashmir. 
Who was there? 

Boycott Israel. Please do. 

Unfortunately for Israel – they will not abandon people who find themselves in need after disaster hits. Even their own enemies come to their hospitals to seek the best care. Israel opens the door because Israel is about life, love and caring. 

So, Boycott Israel and in the process stop bothering us. 

Stop killing our children, our grandfathers and our friends. 

I may not live in Israel – I haven’t even been there is 25 years or so. But to Jewish people – every living soul is sacred. But when a Jewish life is stolen from us in the name of misguided hatred – its as if we are all Israelis and we are all related. 

Boycott Israel.