I am walking towards a park to feel a sense of life and to await my companion. I walk past countless familiar faces and potential kindred souls only to end up here at a red light waiting to cross.
“Why, how and when?”

The park was alive on this cool October Thursday evening, well, almost evening. I walk across the grassy field, under the trees and upon the fallen leaves which decorated this ground. It once was green and now its an unpleasant brown. I walk and I kick the leaves, feel a breeze and I pull my coat around me. Squirrels are hoarding, birds are chirping and a sole singer is singing a song about Moondances and October skies. This grassy area is surrounded by benches occupied by loners who while the day away with pen and paper.

School children, set free from the prisons they occupy 8 til 4 every day – run wildly, some singing, some screaming, some crying and some laughing. Parents are all in otherworldly mindsets filled with questions…
“Why, how and when?”

I walk towards an empty bench and sit there with my pen and paper. Whiling the time away ’til my love gets here hopefully right on time.

A lone ice cream truck playing a familiar tune hoping to hypnotize the children into begging for a cone, or a cup of Italian ices…but even the kids know its too cold and too late for that and he starts his engine and drives away.

I’ve been a loner, I have been a loser and my heart has been broken, taken out, cleaned and put back in…with nothing but a scar that runs down my torso as proof. But I stand tall and I stand proud – “I do it my way.” I smile to myself. I hear in the next bench a couple speaking and the woman begins to cry…
“Why, how and when?”