I can hear the trains running along the tracks – right by the outskirts of town.
I can hear the sounds of the birds, the dogs and the crickets.
I can hear your voice telling me you need to leave.

I can see the stars shining up above decorating the night.
I can see the waves breaking wildly onto the dunes.
I can see your lips moving telling me you need to leave.

Where are you going and why can’t I come?
Where are you running to and will you ever come home?

I can smell the flowers blooming in the garden right beneath this rounded porch.
I can smell the lake just rained on from across the way.
I can smell his cologne on you as you say goodbye.

I can feel my heart breaking into bits and pieces.
I can feel my brain about to explode.
I can feel your hand letting go…

Where will I be going will love come back some day?
When will she show up…where will I be?
Who will she be wearing…no masks please…
What will I say to her…can I ever be free?