They come out of nowhere. Blue skies and then suddenly clouds begin to form. At first they are all separate and take on their own shape and form – but suddenly they come together strong enough to block the sun or any sense of warmth or perceived warmth. The wind picks up and the dust and the loose trash begin to swirl and the first drops begin to fall from the dark clouds.

That old coal train whistles in the distance and stops. The workers from the nearby plant walk off slowly. Cigarettes dangling from their lips or suspended between two fingers.

The old man who lives in the cabin is there to meet the train that comes and goes once a week.

The pages of a book are turning quickly, the hands on the clock on the courthouse on Main Street are spinning out of control.

An old man and woman sit on their porch taking it all in.

The children race the train as it slowly leaves the old man and the station. They stop running as the lake looms ahead and the dark clouds have covered any sense of blue or daylight.

Suddenly the clouds that formed have turned into a time machine…

The station is gone, the children now sit on their porches watching as the clock on main street, still out of control dictates the rhythm and speed…

The clouds, in formation, have left the sky and the cool night has fallen…the screen door slams shut.

It comes out of nowhere, the years they formulate and dissolve quickly, one by one…stock-footage-book-s-page-turning-by-wind-on-a-background-of-yellow-fallen-leaves