IMG_0108In this month that celebrates our freedom – the directly affected have been condemned to a lifetime of slavery. Enslaved to a grief that cannot be measured in time or in space.

The spectators aghast their faith shaken and their understanding at odds with all they once held as true.
Still the directly affected are cold.
Still the directly affected are cold.

The pain from the nightmares that were not nightmares, but reality, will go on forever.
The questions, the crazy answers and rationalizations, cited verse and cited commentaries will not help to quell the confusion, to ease the pollution of anger, sadness and solitude.
Still, the night began…lost in a never-ending darkness…feeling as if the sun would never rise….suddenly a light on the horizon broke…
The sun did rise this morning and the sounds of birds singing did echo across the park.
The cool March winds were blowing, some branches were sprouting and the dogs had begun to bark.
The subway trains in the not so far off distance were achingly making their way back and forth from Coney Island to Queens – with 45 stops in between.
The darkness from the previous days sit like a blood stain on a white cotton shirt.
The world kept on spinning, the stars were out in unison and the shaken children walk together across the avenues and streets. Sirens always in the distance coupled with screeches and horns blaring.

Who knows when this winter will ever end?
But it will end that is as certain as the sun rising as certain as God is among us.
Because despite the shaking and cracking our faith is still rock strong.
The scars will heal although they will never disappear.
The pain will still constantly be felt and the memories of what should have been will just be a dream, a series of never-ending nightmares.

For the spectators – although the grief and the confusion are still causing the core of their faith to rumble and quake – it will never be broken.

Still the directly affected are cold.
Still the directly affected are cold.
Let us pray that God will comfort them and free them from this slavery they have just been confined to…