I always wanted to be a rock star. I wasnt blessed with the ability to play an instrument – although I tried more than several times with guitar, piano and harmonica. I just couldn’t do it. I am sure if I had the time now as a physical adult I would find that (very) hidden (very)inner talent – and could play a decent musical piece.

I am an artistic person which comes with it the ability to be even more screwed up mentally than someone who is, lets say, an accountant. An accountant sees numbers – an artistic person sees love and time in an assortment of colors – with a tinge of creation and death within each. An artistic person feels emotions with just a glance – can sense the temperature without a touch and can see the same sunrise over and over again and each time feel a sense of wonder of the artist.

Back to my musical dreams of eternal existence on vinyl, on polyester or on the clouds. Videos of celluloid heroes forever young and forever carrying a melody with memories.

So in my life I have written countless tunes with lyrics – but I have recorded two of them.

Just recently my son found a cassette, yes a cassette; with the first song I recorded back in 1988. Its called, “Whenever I’m Alone.” I am proud of the fact that I wrote it, sang it and produced it without even knowing how to play a note of music.

So, alas…here is the Lost Tape of Freddy Zalta’s…first single.

fzWhenever I’m Alone by Freddy S. Zalta

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