No more sunsets or sunrises. No more walks just to walk, an excuse to hold hands and talk. No more candle lit dinners, champagne on ice and laughter.
No more love songs, no more midnight beaches cold sand on your back, no more long exhales.
No more walking in the rain, no more lying in the grass, no more red wine on lazy Sunday afternoons.
It’s just not important, just not what real life is, those scenes in your mind are just memories we wish were true. Did it ever happen?

I can remember the sparkle in your eyes when you would see me walking towards you.
I can remember your body glistening in the moonlight and feeling the heat of your mouth…waves in the background and time on our side.
I can recall long walks through Central Park, getting lost and then finding the carousel.
Candle lit rooms, champagne glasses and a soft breeze from the terrace. Soft music playing, you and I entangled as one…

I love you, I love you, I love you…love is never a question. I just want your affection, I want to look into your eyes and change what you see when you see me. 
Empty tables, empty chairs and a cool wind is blowing tonight. No stars, no moon and the music is turned off. 

A shadow walking down an empty street illuminated by the streetlights; as a second shape merges with it – two shadows, walk side by side. The moon is out now and from an apartment across the road the sound of a Sinatra song from long ago is playing. The two shadows become one and their shapes, an explosive white light illuminating their lives.