These days we see otherworldly actions carried out in the name of God. No way to describe the destructive ways of the Islamic Extremists. Beheadings, rape, slavery, torture, death and death is the easy way out. They scream out their devotion and then they destroy.

Is God within their hearts?
Is God guiding their steps, one by one?
Is my God their God?

They look forward to death and believe rewards will be granted to those believers who will kill and die in the name of their god. Suicide bombers, hijacked planes, kidnapping and decapitation. Death and suffering disguised as religious devotion.

If this is how God’s power is being used we must put God on trial. We must put the Muslim faith on trial and if found guilty of mass destruction and murder, we must sentence them to death as well.

There are extremists throughout the world of God and religion. Some speak too much, some will push and prod while others will kill and maim. Does God value the prayers by the haters, the killers and the destroyers of civilization? Where is God when these people should be wiped off the face of the earth?

God has seemingly been silent – I believe He is somehow involved in each and every event, good or bad – perhaps one day we will find out the true reasons, not the rationalizations given by the ones who pretend to understand. No one knows why death and destruction exist.

As a child I was taught that God is an omnipotent power which cannot be touched, looked upon or clearly understood. God was all about life and love. God made the flowers grow and the stars shine. God said, “Let there be light, and there was, light.”


As I aged and people I loved passed away one by one, sometimes I would wonder why God would allow such a special person to get sick and die? The black plague, the senseless murders and other illnesses which would cause unimaginable pain and destroy any sense of dignity which remained.

Where was He throughout World War 1 and then World War 2? They say God is here there and everywhere – was he in the concentration camps? Was he in the hole dug by Jews, then forced to lay down in and then covered in the same soil left to die a slow and lonely death?

Now as I have aged, I have been told by many that yes He was there. He was there within the hearts and minds of the ones who were there, who died and who suffered. He was the final words on their lips. I know for a fact that the words of God were on the lips of my father when he stopped being physically alive.

I know personally, in my most difficult times in life, He was there. The power of my faith kept me going even when I just wanted to crawl away and hide.

When I was divorced and literally in pain because of my separation from my children, I was alone, but I always felt God was with me. When I first saw my wife 6 years later – I know that God was with me. When I was jobless and felt abandoned, lost in fear and doubt, God was with me and kept me going. When I went through my emergency open heart surgery, a quadruple bypass back in 2013, God was with me and helped me to walk those first steps the next day.

So, God has been there within me throughout my life. Providing me with love, support and the strength to take that next step which seemed so hard to take. I have done so, in the name of God.

There is too much pain and sadness within this world; a world filled with beauty and reasons to be thrilled to be alive. A lake in the fall, scattered leaves floating away; birds flying south and sunrises and sunsets. Magical beauty – yet the Islamic Extremists destroy it all.

It is not the Christian faith, nor the Jewish. No other religion in this point of time, is guilty or suspected of killing, maiming or enslaving in the name of God.

God, as defined by these people, should be put on trial for the devastation caused and being caused each and every minute of the day.

Not all of Islam is on trial; only the Islamic Extremists need to be stopped cold.

Put this god on trial and if convicted of the crimes, give him the death penalty along with all the ones who have carried out the message of death.