The second amendment states, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I am not a smart man – I just act like I am. What confuses me about this world we live in is the stubbornness displayed by people who claim to be spiritual or a person of God.

They stand on pulpits and denounce the ones who are their antithesis. They cite verses written thousands of years ago but only if it helps their cause – strengthens their agenda. They stand upon the elevated platform, full holier than thou attire and pump their fists in the air in declaration of what is right and what is wrong.

They cite history as examples, yet fail to learn from histories mistakes. They cite the great speeches orated by the great orators but fail to comprehend the gist of the words. Misquoting or placing the words in contexts miles away from the original inspiration.

Lately the main subject of conversation has been the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, written and signed in 1787.

Gun lobbyists, hobbyists or people who believe that in order to make this world a safer place people should be given the right to own and carry a firearm.

I don’t really agree with that opinion but I respect their right to have it and to express it. What I find appalling and quite insulting are the politicians and the people who want to do away with any sort of background checks or the continuing sale of weapons that are used for mass killings or more powerful weapons than the normal guns. The RIP bullet which is created to cause even more damage once it hits its target. Why would any normal citizen need that? Why would anyone who had to wait three or five days for the government to run a background check on them complain?

How many people, myself included, have days where they thank God for guns being

In the but if a right was granted during a time of upheaval some 225 years ago. People had land and there was no formal militia at the time that could handle the crime that was prevalent at the time. So they were given the right to carry protection.

These days – the world is, despite what you would think, a much safer place to live than it was in the 1700’s. Each county has a police force which is run by the different branches of the government. Are they the answer for protection? They should be – but like everything else they are human and imperfect. Some have racism in their blood and some want to serve and protect the places they live and the people who live there. Some want the job for the benefits provided while others would throw themselves in front of a bullet shot towards an innocent.

The world is a mess – the scales of justice, the scales of good and evil and the scales of judgment are all broken and out of whack. People are running for their lives from a movie theater, a concert hall, work places and they are having “lockdown drills” in elementary schools.

Airplanes are being brought down and hotels around the world are targets.

There is no understanding of the value of a life.

So why the argument for more guns, stronger guns and more lethal bullets?
Why is running a background check on would be purchasers and carriers of firearms a bad thing?

Personally I don’t believe in carrying a gun. In life each person has their sanity and their insanity – some days the line is too thin to avoid slippage in either direction. Tempers fly easily and I dont want that person carrying a gun or even to have access to one too easily.

My opinion, for whatever its worth, is guns should only be given to people who go through a rigorous psychological evaluation. They should also continue to be monitored closely as time passes.

If there were people in Paris who had guns on them at the concert where the Islamic terrorists killed all those people; I believe there would have been even more casualties. People shooting in every direction, while intoxicated, in the dark or perhaps high on some drug – would only have caused more harm than good.

Armed guards and increased police presence to me is the better way to go. With the police being educated and psychologically evaluated over and over again.

In my opinion, heads need to be examined thoroughly before any hand can hold a gun.

Will the absence of guns end terrorism? No, the destruction of evil is the only way out.
Will the addition of guns end terroris?I don’t believe so. But I am not the smartest person in the world. Just smart enough to know that the majority of human beings should not be allowed to carry firearms. I dont believe that the rights and laws of yesterday, in religion or in constitutions should be held to higher standards. We live in a different time than yesterday – more so hundreds or thousands of years ago. Religions can be easily misinterpreted, mistaught or misunderstood. Those laws, rights and commandments must be looked at again and again; held up above all standards and re-examined.