He released great music – but Biograph began the release of alternative versions of his previously released music and songs that didn’t make the cut on the original release. Those songs that were omitted from the original releases are better songs than any other artist released on their best music compilation. 51 songs were on that collection – my personal favorite is an outake from the “Blood on the Tracks” album called, “Up to Me.” Click here to read lyrics and listen

Infidels was his return to non-gospel music and lyrics not preaching Christianity. The old testament had a major impact on this as well as his ode to Israel’s right to protect itself called, “Neighborhood Bully.”

Empire Burlesque had some very good songs but seemed like he was all over the place – the outakes from the album to be released in the future Bootleg Series 1,2,3.  

Knocked Out Loaded had one song, in my opinion, that made up for a lazy group of songs. “Brownsville Girl” co-written with Sam Shepard and rumored to be adapted into a motion picture. Great song – listen here.