Through the dirty streets polluted with humidity, aromas of leftovers spilling from plastic bags, seven day cologne and cheap perfumes, I walk.

I walk as the streets below me are crumbling, the skies above me are thundering and the elevated platform in the distance is rumbling while the voices inside of me are troubling.

Can you understand my question, Sir?
Have you ever understood who I am?
Can you please look into my eyes, Miss?
Can you please take my hand?

I am lost, I am lost, there are thieves encircling me as I try to find my way home.
There are schemers, crooks and morally bankrupt folk who thank the Lord and then pickpocket the poor, the deaf and the blind.

Can you understand this world, Sir?
Can you explain it just a bit?
Can you please hold me in your arms, Miss?
Can you please give me a taste of your kiss?

Its a lonely world and I cant find my way back home.
Its a dark alley in a moonless night.
There are strangers, angry mobs and close friends, who’s greeting will break into a fight.
There are the folks who stay home who understand that its cold outside even if its warm.
Can you please translate the experiences I have had?
Can you please transcribe the words that were spoken?
Please set me free from this solitude and surround me with hearts that have been broken. I can, I can set them free…
I can, I can set you free…

Words of protestations and rationalizations – we were given permission to protect ourselves.
Bullets fly…the end.

Can you please explain why you need such a terrible weapon?
Can you please explain what you plan to do with that gun?
The gun is cocked, the revolver is filled with pellets of gunpowder and explosion. A piece of lead can destroy a world. Is that what you want done?

Its a violent world we live in, when men must compensate for their inadequate manhood by the size of their guns.
Its a dark ending coming to us soon when an angry man shoots and kills just for fun.
There is the notoriety afterwards – pictures and biographies abound.
But its the fame that ensures that once again we will hear the sounds of bullets taking away one world at a time.
Can you please take the guns and leave?
Words are twisted to help define what you want them to say.
Stay away, stay away…