PHOTO BY– Rob Woodcox
WORDS BY Freddy Zalta

The end of the school year was two minutes away and the boys were transfixed by the second hand on the clock which hung from the wall above the chalkboard in room 202, Mr. Looney’s 7th grade Science class.

The bride and groom were walking through the forest, by the lake where their wedding was to be held two days from now, on a sunday. They had a full orchestra who’s members would be sitting in wooden boxes suspended with a cable from the top of the trees. He pulled her close to him and gently pushed his lips against hers. She didn’t resist. They seemed to be all alone in the area and it being a hot day, both feeling extra excited in more ways than the expected, decided to take a swim.

The bell rang. The principal of the school spoke on the loudspeaker but no one, least of all the 7th grade boys seated in room 202, paid him any mind. They ran out of class and to their bikes parked by the front entrance. Randy spoke up, “Lets ride in our shorts with no shirts so we can jump right in – first one in gets a free sundae!” They all roared, they were eight in total and they felt like the kings of the world.

As the bride, Sharon, slipped off her summer dress and walked closely to Bobby who was looking away as he pulled off his shirt and lowered his jeans. She threw her arms around him and he fell back onto her, turned around and she put her mouth against his lips.

Randy maneuvered his bike like a pro; pulled up his his handlebar to jump onto the grass from the street – left the bike on the dirt and ran towards the lake, his 7 buddies following him one by one.

Sharon was laying on the grass, beneath the tree as Bobby stood and then lay atop her and thrust himself towards her, mouth to mouth and skin to skin.

Randy came upon the lake and saw Sharon and Bobby; shocked he told his friends to be quiet. Looking around he saw these wooden things suspended in the air.

“Come on boys – I found us some seats with a view!”