c360_2016-10-19-11-02-04-226I walk along the streets, hands in pockets, eyes absorbed on the Palettes of Colors. Too warm for snow but too cold for leaves and they fall from the trees.
Another cup of coffee please…
Persistence Р walking towards the park where I can absorb the living and turn them into a chain of words in descriptions that can flow into tales of my own visions.
A slow train, a subway and people rushing in ant like focus – wandering, wondering and wandering in circles to get to their destination post-haste.
I walk the streets, coffee in my left hand, memory stick in my head. Crowds of monarchs sailing for paradise while the locals get ready for the cold.
Palettes of colors up in the sky they run together slowly earthbound.
I walk along the streets, hands in pockets, getting cool and colder as the sun is setting and another day is over.