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Through These Newborn Eyes

“Through these newborn eyes I see…” take this in whatever direction you please, whatever genre. Please tag me in the comments! Happy (almost) Halloween!
I am told this is vision and then I hear a familiar sound speaking from an oval space on a living being. That must be Stacey – somehow I she seemed more beautiful through my blinded eyes yet she sparkles in real life as well. Her voice it soothes me and those colorful – I touch her,
Eyes, so wondrous with tears falling from them, nose so soft and lips so warm and alive…her skin soft soft and strong. This is not the first time I have touched them or her but it is the first time sight and touch. They are so magically alive. Pulsating with life. She kisses me and I am transfixed by her beauty, just as I have always been. Physical beauty has nothing on the aura of beauty felt within. Yet, her physical beauty excites me…
The walls are colorful, I inquire, like a child, what is this color and that one? “Blue, red and white.” she whispers. The sound of her voice…I feel her neck as I gaze at the veins I have kissed and caressed. I want to make love to her right now and to see her as she delights in me.
Her breasts I touch and she allows me…the doctor and nurse retreat, I cannot speak I am in a daze…is this a dream or is this my newborn eyes seeing love and life at last?
She walks and locks the door, I unbutton her shirt and she leans to me – I see her face so close to me – I can feel the heat from her love that she has always had for me. I am seeing life and love and I am in life and in love.
Such bright lights, he shirt parts and I place my finger tips upon her nipple, I kiss one, I kiss two and I place my face against her chest.
Alive, alive with my newborn eyes.
She whispers, “Lets go outside, there is so much to see.”
I whisper to her, “I am afraid.”
“I will hold your hand.” She whispered as she button up her shirt.
We walked and I saw other faces around me – they all had what I was introduced to as, “Smiles.” I felt warmth coming from their eyes as their lips turned upward and they waved.
She held my hand, I was shaking and my teeth were clattering.
“Take a deep breath, the world is waiting on you.”
The light outside was overpowering, I put on the sunglasses they gave me to wear. I had felt the warmth of the sun before only now I could recognize it on sight. There were cars just as I imagined them, trees were much more beautiful then I could have imagined. The colors! I could not name them but they were amazing! So exciting and full of life!
“Everything is so beautiful…” I felt tears falling from my newborn eyes. She kissed me and I looked at her and realized – there is no beauty in comparison, to the love I have felt and now, I see through my newborn eyes, such as the beauty of love in my lady’s eyes.

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