The young man stabbed another – the young man was one color and the other was another.

Neither were bad people, just kids mixed up in a culture lost but united in hatred and causes of the moment.

As the stabbed young man lay on the floor bleeding, crying and in pain; the stabber dropped his knife and turned to run.

He stopped, looked down and apologized profusely to the bleeder. He tore of his shirt and wrapped it against the wound. He called 911 and began speaking with his victim.

“I am sorry.”

Silent. The victim looked into the other boys eyes and saw tears falling.

“Why are we fighting like this?”

“Because…um, you are wrong.”

“About what? Being born differently than you?”

“You are all bad people who are not even human.”

“Does my blood not look like your blood? Are my tears not the same as your own? How can I be ‘not even human’ if this is so?”

“Well…I don’t know.”

“I have people who I love and who love me, do you?”


“I believe in a God, do you?”

“Yes, but not yours.”


“You are all killing everyone.”

“I have never hurt a soul.”

“So why were you fighting me?”

“I thought you were attacking me.”

“Why would I?”

“Because that’s what you people do.”

“I don’t attack anyone.”

“So why the knife?”

“I have been attacked before I need to protect myself.”



In the distance a siren was heard and the boy with the knife stood up to leave.

“Don’t go, I will blame it on another who ran away. Stay with me.”

“How do I know you won’t just turn me in?”

“You don’t.”

“So why should I trust you? I have been lied to before.”

“Listen, you called the police, you stopped the bleeding for me and you are standing beside me. What proof do I have?”

“I will stay, but only if you promise to stand beside me as a friend.”



The bleeding man thought for a moment and he put out his hand to shake his attacker.

“No more baseless hatred; we cannot change the world but we can change it two people at a time.”

The bleeding man agreed. They both began to cry thinking about the others who had hated, killed and died.

Hatred for reasons of being unlike one another, is simply anger inherited by the generation before. We must let go of the anger, the need for reparations and simply begin again.

We must look into each others eyes and recognize that we are all made of the same flesh and blood.

Different ideology but the same biology.

Accept the differences and celebrate them. Listen to each other and the words, emotions and expressions that are being communicated.

Not everyone is going to be able to rise above the fog of hatred – there are individuals filled with evil which can not be exorcised. But the groups as wholes must not be judged on the actions of the few.

We will never agree on everything – but do you agree with everything your closest friends believe?

It’s hard, it’s not easily accepted and impossible to put into action.

We must begin. We must begin today to heal humanity – two people at a time.