The Prose Challenge 4422 “We even forgot our own name…”

75-250 WORDS

I woke up with four arms around me – two women and myself, a strange man in a strange bed. The woman to the left of me was dark skinned and had black hair falling upon her face. The woman to the right of me had auburn hair, full lips and a stud in her nose. Each of them much younger than myself and stunning.
As I fumbled for a glimpse of a clock, the woman to the right of me opened her eyes after a series of blinks, saw me and smiled.
“Who are you?” She asked me, her body exposed til her navel.
“Who am I?”I asked.
The woman to the left of me sat up, “Who am I?” Left breast exposed revealing a nipple piercing.
“The better question is ‘where am I’?” I was confused and could not recall what had occurred or where I was and who these two women were.
They each covered themselves with the sheet and seemed as lost as I was.
An apparition entered the room, spoke to all of us, then disappeared.
“You were all in the elevator going down but I saved you and brought you here. What are your names?”
Silence, confusion and the lights went out. A door closed, some whispers in the dark and then, laughter.
The auburn haired lady spoke, “I don’t know who you all are but we must have had a wild time, we even forgot our names.”
Laughter, giggles and moans.