I have always had a love affair with taking pictures. Since the advent of the “Smart Phone” this affair has graduated into a marriage of sorts.

I am constantly at the ready to capture a moment that one day will bring a tear, a laugh, a smile or a shrug. At 50 years old I completely understand the fleetingness of time and of life. So as I walk the streets I capture moments in time- perhaps intruding on private moments of reflection, celebration or simple floating through space and time.

An old lady carrying a bag in each hand with a destination and accompanied with a smile on her lips. Looking at her smile she retains her beauty that the ravages of time has tried and failed to pluck from her.

It sneaks up this spirit called, “Time.” It moves quicker or slower than we could ever imagine. Some days and nights feel as if we are waiting for the rust to form on the bars that surround us. Some days and night pass and we are left to wonder who changed the measurements of time?

My love affair with photographs is based on myself wanting to hold on to the sights I witness through my eyes – my world within a world of complications.

A world spinning out of control – the North is south and who knows if the sun will make its way towards us again.

I dream and my hope springs eternally – the human spirit cannot be a limited as it seems – or is it?

Like an empty cup of coffee, a negative balance in your life savings, a sleepless night and a restless afternoon – time is a thief and its moral compass is a bible written by a devil of sorts.

The earth is running towards the evening as the sun will lose its place in our side of the world and the moon will find itself frowning down upon us. The birds fly away and the sounds of the children playing in the park will quiet down. The wind has picked up – a lone swing squeaks its way back and forth…no one sitting on it as two dogs are playing in the grass.

A smile is formed, a memory is embellished and a picture is taken. A forever souvenir capturing the moment when the world was at peace.