In an alternate history – John volunteered to leave the plane, as it was 130 pounds over the limit. He actually argued with another passenger who had volunteered first. The flight crew let him leave and compensated both to avoid an issue. Him not going on the flight ended up costing the lives of millions of people. How do we know this?

In our computer’s historical files there are alternative histories as well as the actual one we live. When an anomaly, such as seven terrorist attacks occurring simultaneously killing almost 8 million people comes up as an alert, we realize that someone, somewhere, sometime, has changed history for the worse.

How do we know that it’s for the worse and not something that needs to occur to promote evolution of some kind? We don’t. But when it’s that devastating and it’s something that was never written about in the historical files – we know that it’s time traveled terrorism.

I checked the time and noticed it was 830am – I needed to get to work. I went to shower, when I came out I checked myself in the mirror. Damn I looked good. Twenty four years younger and 40 pounds lighter can make one’s looks improve. I pulled on my faded jeans, boots and then pulled a shirt over my head followed by a dark blue sweater. I put on my leather jacket, wondering why I ever wore one so heavy. I stepped out of the apartment and saw the car I was driving at the time. A green Mitsubishi Galant. I opened the door, pushed the key in the ignition, turned it and the radio was on. It was 9am and the sweet noise of 1010 WINS AM radio let me know it.

“It’s 42 degrees and overcast on this Monday, November 29th, and here is what’s happening…”

OK so I arrived at the right date and time; I focussed on the road and reminded myself of when I was – my father would be alive and so would many other people I would be seeing. I needed to act normal when I did see them and not shocked.

As I drove down Kings Highway from Coney Island Avenue, I couldn’t help but notice how many of the stores had changed. There was the Kingsway movie theater which was showing, “Mrs. Doubtfire, Man’s Best Friend, Perfect World and Nutcracker.” I felt a tinge of sadness because this movie had helped my sons and I deal with the divorce – Robin Williams in all his glory. 

As I drove down I noticed the bicycle store on the corner of east 8th, the movie theater which showed (and still does) rated X movies and the kosher (yup still there) pizza store directly next door.

I drove and found my way to work, parking on east 2nd street where I saw my mother walking from where she lived at the time.

“Mom!” She was much younger and really beautiful. We walked together to the office and when I got in, I saw my father on the phone, his eyes lit up when he saw my mother, put the phone to the side and said, “Good morning, I just made a fresh pot of coffee for you.” I went to hug him but he motioned he was on the phone and instinctively gave me a blessing.

My brother was in the back office and for a moment I forgot which desk was mine, but, instinctively walked to the correct one just opposite my dad.


I instinctively opened my computer to check my list of things to do. There was no email back then and that took adjusting to. That was difficult but not as much as not having a cell phone as an extra limb – that was freaky. In my actual time I always carried my phone with me and used it to search, photograph and communicate with strangers and my inner circle. Not having it with me was a major adjustment.

My oldest brother came into the store and went to sit at his desk; he had not moved to Israel as of yet and in real life I hadn’t seen him in over a year. I had to restrain myself from asking questions – but I gave him a hug anyway.

Because I was going through this divorce I had an excuse for taking some time off without anyone asking questions. I booked a flight to Minneapolis for the next morning and told everyone I was going to visit a friend and then going on to Miami for the weekend.

My flight was at 8:05 and I got to the airport at 6:00, forgetting that there were no security lines a mile long in this moment of time. I checked in and hung out by the gate wishing I had my cell phone with me – just to call home and hear a voice from my current life – I was into the past at this point so it was ok to allow myself thoughts about my actual life.

We landed 10 minutes earlier than expected, I pulled my carryon over my shoulder, walked outside to get a cab. It was so cold outside that it hit me like a ton of ice. I ran back inside and booked a room at a hotel that was connected to the airport. I stopped at the coffee shop for a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin.

As I sat down I noticed a very pretty, no, beautiful lady smiling at me. I smiled back and said, “Hi.” It felt kind of awkward since I am not the type of fellow women hit on. Also, in my actual life, I am very married. To add to that the physical and the mental trauma in my 1994 self – I was lonely, hurting and horny. When you travel back – your body and mind are in sync with your actual self – but you need to be who you were in the time period you traveled to; otherwise it can get very dangerous.

She picked up her cup, her bags and sat down at my table.

“Do you mind if I join you? I was on your flight from New York and noticed you sitting alone. Are you traveling here on business?”

“Yes, sort of. I am, I have a meeting with someone tomorrow morning for an hour or so. How about you?”

“Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting with a buyer at Target to try and sell some childrens clothes my company makes. My name is Sherry.” She put out her hand, I shook it.

“I am freddy, nice to meet you.”

We sat there for a couple of hours, talking about ourselves. My life up until that moment, newly divorced with 2 kids. Her life until that moment, recently broke off her engagement, lives on the upper West side of Manhattan. She was undeniably flirting with me and with nothing to do until the next afternoon, single at this point and time, I flirted back.

As I mentioned earlier; the main restriction is having sexual relations with anyone while traveling. Something clouded my judgment and something made me ignore the fact of the consequences.