Voices in my head, swirling like feathers in the wind. Ghosts poke and prod, keeping me awake, causing a fire within.

Memories, a circus, a clown. A Carny, a trick and slap of cards and smoke. . Lights on, lights out, rainy night once again. A flask filled with cheap whisky.

A coffee cup filled with spent cigarettes, old coffee and a lipstick stained rim.

Did you ever understand me or truly see through your filters to see the real me?

Those weekend walks in silence, you never could hold my hand or throw me a kiss.

Was it all my fault for your ice look or was it from you and your heartless emotional paralysis?

The phone rang on, the flowers wilted and the rain kept falling.

The newspapers screamed out headlines to sell while you played me for a foolish child.

You find me alone and you walk on past.

You find me crying and you simply walk on past.

Prayers and God so important to you, yet you forget the human kneeling for you.

You can find me sitting on that bench across the lake in our park, my park. I’ll always stand for you and hold the window open for you.