The Autumn leaves and the brisk breezes and the shorter days, the fallen branches. The squirrels hording, the cats scampering and the old man raking, taking to himself down the road.
A picture found, laughter heard and the stains of teardrops on faces around the world.
Silence, silence, though it’s as if the Earth shook violently just a moment ago.
I know you are watching and I know you are proud, of the legacy you left behind.
I know you are laughing, I can hear you from down here and I laugh with you.
You would be proud, the love you created has brought love to so many… smiles, laughter and love. I know you can see, I know you can see.
This road littered with leaves and memories, brings smiles and tears, love conquers all, they say, but there is a void that just cannot be filled.
Send us a smile, send us some gumballs, hell, send some quarters this way
We send you our love, smiles with the teardrop stains never fading away.