Somewhere in time there is a young boy sitting by a window watching the snow fall. He is sitting in his pajamas, his elbow on the window sill and he is dreaming about something, because he is always dreaming about something. 

Somewhere in time four bottles of milk have been left in the doorway of apartment 2D, frozen at the top of the bottles, nice and cold to the taste. 

Somewhere in time there is a young boy throwing a spalding at five stairs leading up to his porch. He is wearing a New York Met’s cap, satin New York Met’s jacket and blue jeans. He is calling out the names of the players prior to throwing the ball. He is Tom Seaver throwing to Jerry Grote – somewhere in time. 

There is a small television set with a wire hanger being used as an extension to an antenna that was broken. It sits atop an old giant RCA color television set with two big dials on the face to the left of the screen. Below that are several buttons with the words, Color, hue and tint above them. 

Somewhere there is a new episode of MASH being shown as a young boy watches and laughs and dreams of being a surgeon or a hero. 

Down the street there is a bus stop where a yellow school bus comes and picks up children to take them to school. They wait there on the corner and there is a girl the boy gets to see each day yet never works up the courage to speak to her. 

Somewhere in time a boy and his father are picking up bagels for the rest of the family. As they drive home in a sky blue Chevrolet Impala, the boy sits on his father’s lap and steers the car down the block. His father honks the horn as they pass their apartment and they both laugh. 

Somewhere in time, it is a Sunday and the boy and his mother are going to see a movie at the Avalon theater in Brooklyn, New York. The movie is called, “The Sting,” and it stars Robert Redford and Paul Newman. To the boy sitting next to his mother, she is the most beautiful woman in the world and his best friend. 

Somewhere – there is a boy sitting on a chair, connected to a small desk and he is dreaming, because, this boy is a dreamer. He is thinking about playing baseball for the New York Met’s, he is batting in the bottom of the 9th inning with his team down by 3 runs. The bases are loaded and here comes the pitch…

Somewhere the girl from the bus is watching him as the ball sails over the wall for the game winning home run. 

Somewhere, in a park, perhaps; there are millions of people standing together, laughing, dancing and talking. Time has been suspended and the past is now the present. Lost faces are reacquainted with the ones they left behind. There is music playing, each song from another place, another time. 

Snow days were created for dreaming; laying in bed later than usual and allowing dreamers a little more time to dream. To dream about somewhere in time where truth reigns. Living life with true love, freedom, peace and that girl by his side.