It’s an abyss, like an empty never-ending well. Cool air, dank smell of rain swept city streets. Queens walk the streets of Brooklyn, parading up the Kings Highway saluting the princesses of doom.

A lone blind guitarist sitting on an empty container, playing the blues and recanting lyrics hidden in his heart, in a hidden chamber, there is a hidden feeling of shame, regret and faithless fear.

Preacher stands upon a wooden crate,

“He who has lead us out of the desert and set us free, remind me of the answers and the questions of what to do with me.”

Clouds bursting into the room, searching for a stranger, but no rain falls and no stranger has called. Limitless agony disappears and is forever numbed. By a faith once forgotten, now explained.

I used to be funny when the smiles weren’t so hard to find. Now I still smile easy but I think my humor has gone.

Trains creaking, squeaking their way across the Manhattan Bridge. Lost man sleeping, his hood covering his face, bottle rolling by his feet. He’s dreaming of sunshine and his woman Shari. She left him when his anger was too heavy to carry. He doesn’t blame her, doesn’t curse her and he never raised a finger. Just sat in his corner cursing life and all of the winners.

Strange plastic idiots, screaming and wailing their tunes. Speaking loudly about concessions and how ends come too soon.

Foolish theaters, serious performers singing songs about historical love. Speaking in words that only Bill could explain and love.

Castanets, wooden shoes and tambourines. Unrelenting waves of sounds disturbing your dreams.

That’s ok, though, that’s all right. No more time for dreams, no more time for dreams. Leave them for the night.

Time, passes, you know the songs.

Words have evaporated, disappeared, they are all just gone.

Colors, blue, red and green, exploding into stars and falling upon the scene. Disturbing that man sleeping waking up to still be confused about what this all means.

It’s just some words, just several rhymes I strung together to pass the time.

Thank you for reading, thank you for reading…