Some of us still dream dreams of equality and peaceful coexistence.

We still dream because we hope that dreams do come true.

We pray for miracles because the hopes and dreams we once held firmly to, have slipped away into nightmares in a world consumed by inequality, hatred and senseless pain.  

We are tainted with those feelings of ignorant hatred, racist thoughts, although tucked away in the back of our minds, despite our best intentions to expunge them, still appear from time to time.  

We must teach our children to rise above the failures of the generations that have come before them.

We must teach our children to judge each person for who they are as individuals not as a group.

Don’t love blindly for fear of hatred. Love with eyes wide open and do not fear love.   

There are good people and bad people in this world, people who want to knock others to the ground and others who wish to pick them up.The color or the beliefs of a person should not determine their guilt or innocence.

There are the lost who have been cast away as failures, they must be given the opportunity to be educated and employed regardless of race, color or sex.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and he expressed that dream with eloquence and with peaceful demonstrations. He spoke with inspiration, passion and with words of peaceful fury.

Too many years have gone by – too many lives have been wasted and lost. This world is a cesspool of hatred and violence.

There are troubled minds we must learn to confront and to be understanding to the disease of isolation that plagues them.

Each of us must take it one step at a time – acknowledge the differences and try to learn from each other. Life is filled with financial issues, mental and physical disabilities and natural disasters which no one can control. There are some things that we can control, one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll look up and be amazed of how far you have traveled and just how much better this world is because of the steps you took.