Forest filled with memories, smiles and tears, love and despair.

Jungle sounds keep me awake at night, was it the lion or a simpler thunder crawl.

Side street filled with the abandoned, people, places and things. Don’t walk there in the dark, don’t want to wake anything.

Tears from the ground, voices from memory and a long list of unanswered questions.

I held your hand and you held my heart, just for one night, just for one night.

No one understands the song, how could they? It’s been so long. Counting the stars in the holy sky, we never did know where we were going to but we ended up where we needed to be.

Can’t go back, can’t go backā€¦ The River has taken us too far away. But I can remember the times I held your heart and you held my hand. If only for a brief moment in an ocean of time. I still remember your eyes and your smile.

Forest filled with split trees and leaves in the ground. A rock where we once sat together, two cups of coffee and our hearts intertwined. It seems all gone now, but it’s still in the air, visions of you and I, walking on that avenue, way past midnight. The river rushes on, the river rushes on.