Most people in this world are blind to true freedom. Searching through the history books, almanacs and tourist traps they usually come home with just a cheap souvenir.

There is so much falseness is this world – makeup and costumes help to hide our true selves and shield us from shame.

Can you see what I am saying?

Finite love can be purchased at the checkout counter in your local pharmacy. Infinite love has no currency.

Lakes are stagnant yet still hold life – rivers lead to oceans and uncertain futures for the residents of the bodies of water.

The shores have waves which are the definition of ebbs and flows – life has its ups and downs so you learn to ride them like surfers on the waves.

Hearts beat, lungs are inflate and deflate, the earth is in constant motion and we spin away from the sun and the moon.

The journeyman journeys and the wandering man wanders – both searching for answers far away from their home.

Books purchased containing life’s answers – all available for $9.99.

Happiness comes in a pill – but that’s not the truth.

Happiness can only come from living and all the answers you need to find are somewhere inside of you.

No one can supply it – despite their non-stop spoken voices – only you can realize it only you can understand your true inner desire.

Can you hear me?

Searching forever blinded by your own definition of what freedom is…

You travel infinite destinations with infinite unknown roads, streets, peaks or valleys.

You look into her eyes and you feel something – but it’s her truth not yours.

You ingest the beauty of the land and the sky – but they have no answers for you.

Poetry, art and music speak of the artists truths – which you sometimes confuse as your own.

Waves are simply part of the life of the universe that surrounds us – the sun and the moon, the wind…

There are no clear answers, no way to understand everything around us – only our own understanding of ourselves can create a launching pad for our true freedom.

Blind freedom blinds us throughout our lives and creates a reality where we truly believe we are free.

Yet; have you ever listened to the silence and felt a big part of yourself missing?

Have you ever run with a crowd and felt as if you were invisible and alone?

You live within the empty laughter, dried up tears and counterfeit love – it is all you know – do you sense the falseness within you?

True personal freedom is the ultimate goal – can you imagine yourself being truly free?

It’s not as simple as you think.

True personal freedom can be as elusive as choosing the winning lottery numbers.

It’s not as simple as reading that book or taking that pill – although they are part of the process; it takes a lot of introspection and honest assessments of yourself in order to have a glimpse of just who it is you truly are. This can be painful.

Do you understand me?

It’s a long and painful process, removing these chains from our wrists…but in the end, the freedom you gain will cause an eruption of independence which will thrust you up into the stratosphere of your inner dreams and desires.

If life is a poem and we all are part of a rhyme – than there are no coincidences only the progression of a predetermined pattern – when all the pieces, questions and colors will fit together. It’s a grand scheme this life we live – so many participants and objects which in the end always come together as they should.