You run out of breath. When your mind tells you to run but your heart just isn’t in it…

Logic and need dictate my day and my soul cries out at night

At what point do we listen to the memes and the screams to live as we choose, to “do what we love?”

At what point does our heart give in to what our soul desires?

I’ve been living in this soulless stratosphere, a man who thrives off of souls and healing hearts. Been failing and falling all along. Self sabotage? Poor decisions and extreme gravitational pulls towards the darkness. A pill cannot stop one from being sucked into the vortex, only action can.

But there are bills to pay and mouths to feed…

How much longer until this old heart breaks down again?

Time has been stuffed with false optimism and spoon fed lies; willingly allowing consumption of the dosage that was prescribed to me.

You see, there is this vortex…

The old tale of selling one’s soul… It happens every day. I know I have a soul but sometimes I feel I must’ve lost it in the flood, it went floating in a spin, down the drain, where people with false smiles and goods to sell, wear bright and shiny suits and say what is needed to say.

A shaken hand, an agreement, “take good care of my soul, sir.”

” Don’t worry,” he smiles, “you won’t need it where you are going. You won’t need it if you want to live here. Amongst the trees and flowers, where gray and white are the only colors that you can see. Where music is stoic and the weather is always overcast with a chance of a shower. You’ll be fine.” He winks and walks away laughing.

You sleep and you dream, your optimism has been strangled by too many doses of reality spiked with negativity.

You dream while you are awake and you know you can change the world.

The phone rings and you are consumed with cancerous thoughts.

Your heart beats and the night is coming on fast…

“Hold on,” you whisper to yourself,”it’s time to take back what never should have been given away “