Memories, photographs, mind scenes refreshed and rewritten, edited, if you will, history redux to soothe us in the present.
The wind keeps blowing, can you sense me coming?
The sun keeps shining, can you feel my love?
The darkness still darkening the pulse inside your head. Can you remember my smile?
Lost, again, lost.
I held her hand, she shook free and walked away.
Was it something I didn’t do?
Was it something I didn’t say?
Lost fragments of an old treasure map whose treasure is the knowledge under some trees. In some garden, in Eden, or is it just me?
Snow blown cold, sand storms and raindrops keep falling on my head.
I want to speak but she is searching for something.
I want to embrace but she is holding her arms across her chest.
I need to love but I am lost on a stage filled with jest, the joke, the jokes, they are laughing at me. Can’t you hear them?
The audience ain’t fooled by the spoken words, it’s all revealed once they’ve pulled out the sword.
From my heart, from my chest, from my soul.
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