Where is the warm breeze, where is the sun?

Song in your head, keeps repeating itself. There is a leaf, blown in while the door was open, it’s yellow with brown edges.

Her image in your head, it just keeps popping up.

There is a scar upon my chest it must have happened when I was asleep.

50 years and it went so fast. Too many people come and gone, vacancies which can never be filled. Empty rooms with rolled down shades, cold breezes and ice on the windows.

Song in my head now, can you see her smile, now? I can hear her laughter in my head, I can see her running to the falls, clothes falling to the passing ground, I can see her disappearing and me standing there lost for words.

Morning comes, she wakes me with her kiss…

Say goodbye to the night, say goodbye to the dark, roll up them shades and let the sun shine in.

Let, the sun shine in.

Like a song, that won’t leave your head, like her smile and the dreams of her living in the real world, like the clouds blowing away, time flying, sun is shining…

Feel the sun.

Feel the sun.

Let the sun shine in.