So where are the bells and when will they ring? Where is the choir and when will I hear them sing?

When will the dancers dance? When will the sun come from behind that darkness above and take away this cold?

Why does the time spin uncontrollably on the wall? What filled those years and why have I survived while so many have gone?

Rain puddles on the curb, shining colors of the rainbow.

Beneath the grass there is soil that has been stolen from another time, it’s seeds are contaminated by the air.

See her standing, dark skin and brown hair, she is reading a book from 1920.

She has a high cheek smile and her brown eyes come to life when she smiles.

O’ rain puddles on the dirty street shining colors of green red and blue..

So where did the leaves fall and how did they disappear? Where did the coffee in this cup go to, have I already finished it?

While every second passes, I find myself wondering about the missing minutes rather than filling them up with life.

That lady, she is staring at me and I am smiling right back. She begins to walk towards me with a pack of cards and a smile.

She reads my eyes and she begins to cry.

Where did your smile go? Where did the time fly? Why do you hurt so and how can you stand the wind chimes?

I hear the bells ring, I hear the songs, I see the sky above and the sun shining warmth.

I stand to walk and I see the waves, feel the breeze and sense the time has come to smile.