Chapter 2

He took the elevator down and it arrived within seconds of the doors closing. The lobby was quiet as was expected for 3 in the morning. He walked outside and took a yellow cab back to his apartment near Union Square. He had a couple of different apartments – one in the city, another in Brooklyn and one in Malibu. He was in New York most of the time but when he had to be involved in a movie he preferred staying at his own place rather than a hotel.

Freddy was 45 years old and never married. He had several close calls but backed out before any questions were asked. He was brought up in a religious jewish home but had drifted away from the laws while maintaining a spiritual connection. He refrained from spending money or working on the Sabbath and on holidays and kept some dietary laws – otherwise he had chosen his own path.

Upon graduating from High School he decided not to go to college and went instead to work for the NY Daily News as an intern. He grew into a writing job and by the time he was 25 had his own column. His foray into books began when he ghost wrote a autobiography for a hall of fame baseball player. It was during this time that he began to write novels without using sports as a main topic. His first novel was called, “False Witness” and it was a major success which lead to a movie which tanked at the box office but drew some positive acclaim.

He was 35 when the movie tanked and he began to work as a screenplay doctor. He was very likable and soon was working on 4 movies simultaneously. When he became friends with one of the directors he was cast as in a small role. He nailed it.

As an actor/writer Freddy was having a great time and making a lot of money. He was also making the rounds of clubs from L.A. to New York – what kept him semi in check was his abstinence of alcohol or drugs. He had the occasional drink but he never got too drunk or dabbled in drugs of any kind. It just didn’t make sense to throw away a good night by getting drunk and acting like an asshole. He always acted like an asshole and didn’t need anything other than coffee to get him revved up.

The actresses and models were always drawn to him. Perhaps they felt he could write a story with them in mind or help cast them in a movie. He didn’t fancy himself as good looking – rather he was average looking. If he had not been a successful writer he would not be looked at twice. It didn’t bother him at all if anything it empowered him.

Two weeks after his dinner with Megan he began pre-production on the adaptation of his short story, “The Professional Clown.” It was the story of a man who survives the holocaust and starts life in New York after the war. It’s not the typical holocaust story and it sheds a little light on just how the survivors were able to go on with their lives after everything they had known has been stolen and destroyed. Freddy would be playing the part of the young man who befriends Mr. Thomas and who narrates the story.

The filming would be taking place in and around New York, which thrilled Freddy since he would be able to spend more time in his hometown.

One night as he was having dinner with a young female pop singer; he saw Megan walking in with several people including her husband. She saw him and smiled; he smiled back and thought about that evening with her.

They had spent several hours in her hotel room without making any physical contact – until he woke up on the chair at 3 in the morning. He stood up and as he put on his shoes he noticed just how beautiful she looked asleep. He went to kiss her goodbye and lingered for a couple of extra seconds hoping she would wake. She didn’t, he left and they hadnt made contact since.

“Oh my God that’s Megan Flynn, she is really a great actress. She seems to like you, did you see the smile she gave you?”

“We worked together on a movie she was in – I was brought in to help with the writing. She is really nice.”

He couldn’t help but want to go see her; instead he excused himself to go to the bathroom. He washed his hands, looked in the mirror and ran his hands through his hair. He was excited to be on this date with Tanya but seeing Megan had changed his mood a bit. He couldn’t understand why – maybe it was the fact that they had not fooled around? Or as she put it, “no hanky panky.” He smiled remembering her face when she said it.

He walked out of the bathroom and standing outside was Megan.

“I read a couple of your books, Freddy.” She said kissing his cheek. “You are a pretty good writer.”

“Yes, I am.” It was the one thing in life he was proud of and he didn’t restrain himself from expressing that pride.

“I see you are on a date with a high school girl?”

“Is she in high school? I thought she was in 8th grade – high school is old for me.” They both laughed.

“I hear you are in pre-pro on the professional clown – i’d love to read for it. Did you cast all the female roles?”

“As far as I know, yes, but things always change. Are you available to start shooting next month?”

“No, I am going to Toronto next month for a 2-3 month shoot. Braverman is directing so it could turn out to be 2-3 years…”

“Be careful with him, he is whacked.”

“Most directors are. Anyway, give me your phone.” He gave it to her and she punched some numbers in – her phone lit up. “Great, now we have each others phone number. Keep in touch.”

“I don’t think your husband will like that.”

“We aren’t living together anymore – we are only together for appearances. It will be coming out soon, as soon as the premier for my movie is over with.”

“I am sorry.”

“It’s ok – it’s been almost a year.”

“So why did you say no hanky panky?”

“I wasn’t physically in the mood.”

“OK. I have to get back to my student. I’ll text you later.”

She smiled and they went there separate ways to their tables.

Tanya was taking a selfie when Freddy came back to the table.

“Are you ready to go?” She asked him with a coma inducing smile.

“Check!” He motioned to his waiter.