We walk along beaches when the temperature has fallen and the moon is hanging low.

We struggle for answers to the questions we’ll never truly understand or truly know.

We howl at the Moon and anyone else who stands in front of us.

We pen short poetry because we need to shed some tears.

We walk among stones, barefoot and unclothed as the wind is blowing and the darkness is screaming down at us from our past.

We run from the ghosts because the ghosts are ourselves. Frightening, disturbing and simply in pain.

Tell me Miss, how do you define strength?

Excuse me sir, can you describe this lesson? because I have no clue.

Maps, plans and step by step instructions do me no good once the exit has passed and there is only a one way bridge up ahead… Leading to where? When?

Oh the moon, that damned moon stares down at me and mimics my howls in jest. It’s easy to sit there all day judging us howlers, why don’t you try and play this part for a while?

Gratitude and acceptance are answers, focus on the here and now can bring one a momentary peace… But there are bills to pay and life time just passing us by.

Thank you, thank you, I love and accept you all.

Please let me know the code,

to the draw,

where the answers are.

Love and health,is all you need, with all of that, how can you avoid happiness?

Breathe, reflect and look within… The answers are all within.

Please send me that code… To that place within me, set it free, set it free.

We walk along the sandy beach, shoes in hand and eyes on the waves. With each caress of water we are cleansed, reborn and set free. Well, that’s one way to look at it.